Can the Kydex holster rub clothes to create wear and tear?

The design of the holsters and their finish is very meticulous and with proper carrying, no part of the holster should damage the clothes of the person wearing it.

What material do we use? What is unique about Kydex?

We use specially-designed Kydex sheets. Kydex is a thermo-plastic material from which the final product is made, using a pressing process. The raw material and production process result in a tough and durable product that is water and corrosion resistant.

In what way is Kydex preferable to injected polymer as a raw material for holsters?

Kydex is widely considered as in the holsters industry as a much more superior raw material than its "predecessor" – the injected polymer, both in terms of raw material, as well as processing – pressing against injection.
Both features – Raw material and processing provides the product stability, comfort, and durability against wear and tear over time.

How thick is the Kydex we use?

2.4 mm.

Can Kydex scratch or damage my gun?

Kydex holsters are designed to preserve the finish of the guns they hold. They can be lined with suede to protect the gun inside the holster and when drawing the gun from the holster.

In addition, some Front Line holster models are made of five layers (suede lining, a polypropylene layer, rigid P.V.C., a layer of Cordura and a layer of Kydex) that provide maximum gun protection.

Are all plastic holsters similar in their quality and advantages?

Not necessarily. Kydex is a premium-grade polymer and the holster is manufactured using a pressing process, not by injection, thus providing the most efficient solution of the highest quality.

Do Kydex holsters require maintenance?

Kydex holsters require reasonable use, carry, and cleaning when necessary. Apart from this, there are no special instructions for holster maintenance. Every Front-Line holster comes with a one-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Do the holsters heat up and cause perspiration?

Kydex is an impermeable material and it does not heat up or cause perspiration. In addition, there are models that can be ordered with a slide guard, to protect the gun from direct contact with the skin.

Are Kydex holsters more comfortable that leather holsters?

Choosing a Kydex holster is a personal choice. As opposed to leather holsters that soften with time and use, and that suit themselves to the build of the person wearing them, Kydex holsters retain their shape for years.

Is it easier to protect the gun from wear and tear with a Kydex holster?

As long as there is no direct contact between the gun and the person’s body, especially in conditions of extreme heat and humidity, there is no reason for damage or wear and tear to the holster. In case of a problem, all Front-Line holsters have a one-year warranty from the date of purchase.

How do I choose the best Kydex holster for me?

Choosing a holster consists of a number of stages. First you choose the material, deciding if you prefer a Kydex-only holster, or a holster incorporating other materials. In addition, it is important that the holster is precisely suited to the gun it is carrying. That is, the holster must be made for your specific gun model. You can also choose your preferred gun carrying style and the level of gun protection you prefer with the appropriate level of locking – all these enable every person carrying a gun to choose the best holster for themselves and for the way they use their weapon.

Which IWB Kydex holsters do we offer?





Which is the best-selling Front Line Kydex holster, and why?

The K38xx holster is the concealed carry polymer holster chosen by the Israeli secret services as their official holster.