A concealed carry holster for carrying a firearm is a term for a holster that is worn at the waistline, inside the trousers (inside the waistband, or IWB for short). Some concealed carry holsters are constructed to allow it to be concealed when carried, as the name implies. With these holsters, you can tuck your shirt into your trousers without revealing the weapon.

There are areas around the world where carrying a concealed firearm is illegal, and as such, it is very important to check the local firearm laws before considering using a concealed holster.

With the help of the concealed carry holster’s structure or a dedicated clip, you can easily tuck your shirt in over the weapon grip, provided that the size of the firearm and your physical build are suitable.

Unlike outside the waistband (OWB) holsters, which are worn outside the trousers at belt level, concealed carry holsters are not usually equipped with mechanical locking devices. Most IWB holsters, including concealed carry holsters, are open or have a simple closing mechanism.

Concealed carry holsters are made of different materials and are available in a variety of designs, and because they are placed between the body and the trousers, it is important to also take into consideration the material from which the holster is made, to ensure maximum comfort when worn.

For example, it is important to consider the suitability of the holster and the material it is manufactured from during hot seasons, to avoid increased perspiration that could cause skin irritation and damage to the firearm.

Front Line’s product catalogue offers concealed carry holsters made from premium-grade leather or Kydex, a durable polymeric material of high quality.

The K38xx / KL38xx model is an open-top concealed carry holster equipped with a polymer clip so it can be carried in a low ride position, allowing for deep concealment – this model has a minimalistic, elegant design and is manufactured in both leather and Kydex for a wide range of pistols.

In addition to the role the polymer clip plays in deeply concealing the weapon, Front Line’s polymer clip allows you to adjust the holster’s height in relation to the belt’s height, as well as to adjust the carrying angle of the holster to best suit the person carrying the gun – for both carrying and drawing.

The K38xx Kydex is a relatively new model and is already one of Front Line’s best-selling models. Another best-selling model is the K42xx Kydex holster.

For maximum carrying comfort, these concealed carry holsters can be ordered with a special structure that includes a slide guard to prevent friction between the firearm and the person’s bare skin, and protects both the weapon and the person carrying the weapon, with a suede lining option to protect the gun.

The Front Line HBK holster is another concealed carry holster, but it is equipped with two special polymer clips that allow the holster to be worn in a low ride position for deep concealment, adjustment of the holster angle and adjustment to the person’s belt width, allowing the holster to sit perfectly and tightly in position.

This holster has additional benefits, including a layer of breathable fabric in the part touching the skin, and a convenient plate for balanced weight distribution while carrying.

Other holsters from the Front-Line concealed carry holster family include custom-designed leather holsters for fastening to the belt with loops.

The FL90xx0 model is an open holster for belts of up to 1.75 inches thick, made of premium, softened leather and is available in brown or black. The FL90xx8 model is very similar but has another safeguard – the thumb-break strap.

Inner suede lining can also be added to leather holsters, to protect the weapon's finish.