How to conceal and carry with multiple guns


The ‘multiple’ concealed carry technique is certainly badass. Popularized by decades of fast-paced action movies, where the hero or villain is depicted with a pistol in each fist, mowing down multiple enemies in a gunfight.


That’s all well and good for the movies, but in real-life situations, is there any necessity or even benefit in carrying multiple pistols? Granted, there are genuine reasons for carrying two different types of firearms. For example, an assault rifle and a pistol. These two weapons have different functions and they may both be required during a situation.


However, when it comes to concealed carry whereby generally only smaller handguns are viable, is there any reason why you would need more than one weapon? And if so, how would you go about concealing multiple firearms on your person?


Why you should conceal carry multiple handguns

Let’s examine each scenario where multiple handguns might be effective and we will provide our verdict on whether this warrants the additional costs and responsibility:

Using two pistols in a firefight:


Using multiple pistols in a firefight would certainly be advantageous, but is it possible to shoot accurately when using two guns at the same time?

Answer; Yes! It takes intense training and years of dedicated practice, but it is, in fact, possible to fire upon two moving targets simultaneously. However, unless you are a highly trained and experienced shooter, it will actually be more difficult to engage a threat with two firearms.

The additional concentration levels required will slow you down and cause you to misfire if you are not sufficiently trained. As such, we advise regular everyday carriers who lack the expertise to stick to using a single handgun.

You need a backup weapon


What if your gun jams or falls down the side of a cliff? Firefights are intense situations and surely having a backup weapon is worth the additional responsibility?


While there may be some truth in this argument, it’s hard to use it to justify carrying an extra gun with you all day. If you take good care of your weapon and make sure to only buy a quality handgun then it’s unlikely to jam.


That being said, you could drop your gun, or lack the time required to reload, or, worst-case scenario, somebody may grab your gun from your hand. In these situations, having an additional firearm could well be life-saving.


Bottom line: If you’re a regular citizen who conceals carries on a daily basis just for self-defence, the one firearm on your person is sufficient. However, for law enforcement or security agents who encounter serious threats, carrying an additional weapon could mean the difference between life and death.


How to conceal and carry multiple weapons:

Depending on how you dress and your daily activity schedule, concealing multiple weapons can be challenging. Driving while carrying is difficult with one firearm, all the more so if you’re trying to conceal two.


Here are a few simple ways to conceal & carry multiple handguns:


Shoulder holsters: Perhaps the most straightforward method is simply to wear two vertical shoulder holsters. These are lightweight, easily adjustable, and comfortable to wear. Just strap one over each shoulder and you can easily carry two firearms throughout the day.


IWB/Ankle holster combo: The other option is to combine to different methods of concealed carry. The most uncomplicated method is to use a standard IWB holster and then use an ankle


It may be possible just to use two IWB holsters, one on each hip. However, this will most likely become too uncomfortable and will put additional strains on your belt and pants.


Is carrying multiple firearms illegal?

Yes, it can be in certain jurisdictions. The number of guns you are allowed to carry on your person is restricted in some states and we strongly recommend finding out the laws in your area before risking a criminal charge.