Thumb-Break N.G.

* Fast-Draw, thumb-break retention
* Full length protection to the gun
* N.G. multi-layer material, provides a consistent perfect fit
* Worn on the belt via BFL or Paddle
* Fits up to 50mm (2") belts


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Our N.G. (New Generation) material provides a consistent perfect fit that does not change with exposure to water or harsh environments. The N.G. holsters are lightweight and durable. The inner layer of velvet protects the finish of the pistol. Over this is a layer of foamed polyethylene for extra protection against impacts. The third layer is molded PVC that fits the shape of the weapon perfectly, and the outer layer is Cordura.


BFL Modular

MOLDED BFL FITS 1.2” (30MM), 1.5” (38MM) AND 2” (50MM) BELTS BFL Modular is an improved version of the standard belt wearing, prevents the holster form being snatched from the pants. No need to remove the belt. You can use the same holster with various belts and your holster will sit tight on every belt. When changing your belt, you don't need to change your holster

• Simply unsnap the security strap.

• Choose the proper size insert and position it on the two holes of the BFL Modular.

• Close the security strap around your belt. BFL Modular has 8 attachments points to keep your holster in place.


FITS UP TO 1.75” (45MM) BELTS The paddle is connected to the holster by two screws. 2 hooks hold it on your belt firmly Rough surface on the bottom keeps your holster in place.

• Simply adjust the screws to the preferable cant angle (forward or backwards) - from vertical carrying to cross draw position.

• Optional: Insert your belt via your pants loop into this “window” while carrying the paddle holster outside your pants.

Additional Information

Gun Model 3" Revolver 357, 4" Revolver 357, 4" Revolver 38, 6" Revolver 357, Beretta 8000, Beretta 81/84/87, Beretta F92, Beretta PX4 4", Bul Cherokee Com. , Bul Cherokee FS, Bul M5, Bul M5 Ultra-X, C.Z. 100, C.Z. 2075 Rami, C.Z. 75, C.Z. 75 compact, C.Z. 75 P07 Duty, C.Z. 75 TS, C.Z. 75D compact, C.Z. 83, C.Z. 99, C.Z. P-09 (long), C.Z. Shadow2, C.Z. SP01 Phantom , C.Z. SP01 Shadow, Colt Commander 1911 3", Colt Gov. 1911 5", F.N. 57, F.N. HP 9mm, Glock 17/22/31, Glock 19/23/32, Glock 21/20, Glock 26/27/28, Glock 30, Glock 42, Glock 42 w/CTC, Glock 43, Grand Power X-Cal, H&K P2000, H&K P30, H&K P7/13, H&K USP , H&K USP Com, H&K USP Expert, IMBEL MD6 TC, Jericho/Baby Eagle Polymer FBL, Jericho/Baby Eagle Polymer PL, Jericho/Baby Eagle Polymer PSL com, Jericho/Baby Eagle Steel F, Jericho/Baby Eagle Steel FS, Jericho/Baby Eagle Steel Full-Size w/rails R, Jericho/Baby Eagle Steel Mid-Size w/rails R, Kahr 9, Kel-Tec P3AT, Kimber Solo, Ruger LC9, Ruger LC9 w/Crimson Trace, Ruger LCP, Ruger P85/89, Ruger SR9, Ruger SR9C, S&W 59, S&W 69
Manufacturer Beretta, BERSA, BUL, C.Z., Caracal, COLT, F.N., FMK, Glock, Grand Power X-Cal, H&K, IMBEL MD6 TC, JERICHO, KAHR, KEL-TEC, KIMBER, Para-Ordnance, Revolver , RUGER, S&W, SIG, Sphinx, SPRINGFIELD, STEYR, STI, TANFOGLIO, TAURUS, WALTHER
Wearing Options BFL – Belt
Retention Thumb Break
Raw Material NG

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